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1日目 / Day1: August 5th

  • Prior Presentation 10:00~11:50
  • 開会式 / Opening Ceremony 12:10~12:50
  • Presentation Event 13:00~16:00 
  • After-Session Event 16:00~16:45

2日目 / Day2: August 6th

  • 優秀作品 / Opening Session 10:00~

  • さぁディスカッション / Discussion Session 12:30~13:15
  • Room 1@NFU: JICA Project Session by Teacher Training Center, Cambodia: video
  • Room 2@NFU: How to Overcome the Poverty by Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku, Philippines: video
  • Room 3@NFU: First Step of Collaboration by Universitty of the City of Manila, Philippines: video

  • Room 4@BKC: The Price of Being True Self: Difficulty and Choice of LGBTQ by I-Shou Univeristy, Taiwan & Ritsumeikan University, Japan: video
  • Room 5@BKC: Tax Fairness by Ritsumeikan J & S High School, Japan: video
  • Room 6@BKC: Zero Hunger by Osaka Prefectural Higashi High School, Japan: video
  • Discussion Session: Main Room 13:20~13:35

  • Café Talk Session 13:50~14:35

Room A
High School Students
MC: RU J & S

Room B
University Students

Room C
MC: Prof. Yoshida

  • WYM Showcase 14:45~15:25

Common Room (NFU & Ritsumeikan): YouTube Live

  • Closing Ceremony 15:30