Online Room

If you would like to see the World Youth Meeting, please feel free to watch it via YouTube Live. All programs except Cafe Talk will be broadcasted. Only one of the sessions will be broadcasted during the concurrent sessions.

World Youth Meetingの様子を見てみたい方は、YouTube Liveによりお気軽にご視聴ください。Cafe Talk以外のプログラムはすべて中継予定です。複数セッション有る時間帯は、いずれか1つのセッションのみ中継いたします。

一般参加者向け / for general observers
YouTube Live: Day 1 (Aug. 5), Day2 (Aug. 6)

Day1: August 5th

  • Opening Ceremony 12:20~12:50

Microsoft Teams
(Speakers only)

  • Presentation Event 13:00~15:40 

YouTube Live (Room C)
(for general observers)

Day2: August 6th

  • Opening Session 10:00~

Microsoft Teams
(Speakers only)

  • Discussion Session 12:30~13:00

YouTube Live (Room A)

  • Discussion Session: Main Room 13:05~13:10

Microsoft Teams
(Speakers Only)

  • WYM Showcase 13:20~14:00

Microsoft Teams
(Performers Only)

  • Café Talk Session 14:00~14:35

Room A
High School Students
MC: Rits J & S

Room B
High School Students
MC: Rits UJI

Room C
University Students
MC: Kansai Univ. Students

Room D
MC: Dr. Kanduboda

  • Closing Ceremony 14:40

Microsoft Teams
(Speakers only)